Gate Motors Durban

Gate Motors Durban Offer Friendly And Professional Gate Motor Installations in Durban. At Prices, You Won’t Find Anywhere Else Call 072-220-3030. We’re a division of Gate Motors Umhlanga. Your professional, friendly and affordable Electric Gate Motor Installers in Durban.

Gate Motors Durban

5 Reasons Why You Need Gate Motors Durban!

Gates Are Never Left Open. Keep Your family, Colleges and Pets Safe. Increased Safety Open Gates From Within Your Car. Increased Privacy No Uninvited Guests. Added Value To Your Property.

When it comes to beefing up security at your home or office. It’s important to use a reliable and professional installation company like. Gate Motors Durban. Durban Gate Motors have been Installing Gate Motors in Durban for the past 20 years. And are well-known in the industry for providing fast. Friendly and professional service to clients.

Nice Hansa Gate Motors Umhlanga

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Gate Motor Services Durban

Gate Motors DurbanGate Motors Durban provide both Residential Electric Gate Motor Installations in Durban. And Commercial Electric Gate Motor Installations in Durban. Our qualified and experienced technicians, will provide you with advice on the best electric gate opener to use.

Other services we offer are Remote Control, Locks, Control Box, Access Control Systems, Gate Opener Remote, Electric Gates, Gate Automation, Battery Backup, Access Systems, Iron Gates, The Gates, Low Voltage, Security Gates, Electric Gate Openers, Automated Gate, Electric Gate Opener, Bracket, Security Gate, Gate Installation, Gate Lock, Automated, Swinging, Transmitter, Garage Door Opener, Control Board, Slide Gates, Electric Sliding Gate, Gate Systems, Single Swing, Access Control, Automatic Gates, Intercom, Driveway Gates, Sliding Gate Opener, Swing Gate Opener, Sliding, Driveway Gate, Automatic Gate Opener, Driveway, Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, Gate Opener, Gate Operator, Sliding Gate, Gate Operators, Gate Openers. And Automatic Gates.

Gate Motor Brands Durban

We’re Centurion Gate Motor Accredited Installers As Well As Gemini, DACE And ET Accredited!

When it comes to quality, we use only the best gate motor brands available on the market. That’s why we offer Centurion. Nice Hansa. CAME. Gemini. ET And DACE Gate Motors in Durban.

Choose Gate Motors Durban

No matter the type of entrance gate you have. We have a gate opener to suit. Depending on the type of gate you have, you can choose from our range of Swing Gate Motors. Or Sliding Gate Motors.

When it comes to price, we are the best. Gate Motors Durban believe in offering quality electric gate motors. And Gate Motor Services at low prices you won’t find anywhere else. So for quality at low prices with excellent customer service. There is only one place to turn to, and that is Gate Motors Durban. All our gate motors come with a two-year warranty. And are installation services backed by our service guarantee?

Warranty And Guarantees

All our Motor Gates Durban. Come with a 2 year or 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. And all the services we provide. Is backed by our 1 year or 12-month workmanship warranty. No matter the type of gate opener you have. Whether it’s a swing or sliding gate. We have a Gate Motor for it. Why is having a gate motor so important?

6 Reasons You Need Gate Automation In Durban

  • Crime Prevention.
  • Your Gates Are Never Left Open.
  • Keep Family, Colleges & Pets Safe.
  • Open Gates Within Your Car.
  • Increased Privacy.
  • Adds Value To Property.

What Customers Say About Gate Motors Durban

Gate Motors Durban
Thanks, Gate Motor Durban! I'm good to go. Gate Motor Durban did exactly what they said they would. I have gotten at least 50 times the value back from Gate Motor Durban.
5 / 5 stars

Gate Motors Durban
We're loving our Dace Gate Motor. It's both attractive and full of features. I will let my mom know about this, she could really use you guys.
5 / 5 stars

Not able to tell you how happy I am with Gate Motor Durban. You guys rock! I wish I would have thought of you guys first.
Gate Motors Durban
5 / 5 stars

Contact Us

Contact Us For more information, help or advice regarding our gate motors and gate motor installation services you can contact us on 072-220-3030 or email us. Our client contact and sales representatives are waiting to assist you.

Answers To Your Questions On Gate Motors Durban

Where Can I Buy A Gate Motor?

Where Can I Buy A Gate Motor?

You can buy a gate motor from us at Gate Motors Durban. We currently stock Centurion Gate Motors the D3, D5 and D10. DACE Gate Motors the Sprint 500. Nice Hansa Gate Motors the 12V Speedo and 24V Speedo. Gemini Gate Motors 12ah DC Slider and 24V DC Slider. And E.T. Gate Motors the E300 and E500 Sliding Gate Motors. Call us on 072-220-3030 for more information.

How Do I Repair My Gate Motor?

How Do I Repair My Gate Motor?

When it comes to repairs, we suggest you speak to a qualified gate motor technician. Who has the experience to troubleshoot and diagnose problems? If you attempt this yourself, without any knowledge. It may end up costing you allot more, as you may be replacing parts that did not need replacement.

Can I Maintain My Own gate Motor?

Can I Maintain My Own gate Motor?

Yes, to a certain degree. We recommend that residential gate motors are, maintained at least once a year by a professional. And up to four times a year for commercial gate motors. Gate Motor Maintenance is inexpensive and can end up saving you allot more money in the long run. There are even maintenance tasks you can do yourself, that will help prevent damage. Extend the life of your gate motor. And save you money.

  • Sweep the rails on a daily basis if you have to. Removing any stones and sand that end up making the gate motor work harder opening or closing.
  • The gate motor stopper that prevents the gate from rolling off must be in position.
  • Make sure the steel rack with teeth is, secured and not loose.
  • The gate should not slam when closing.
  • Lift the gate motor cover and make sure no insects have made a home on the pc board.

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